19-year-old Devareous Smith assaults ex-girlfriend during argument over towel

19-year-old Devareous Smith was jailed on February 14th for assaulting his ex-girlfriend over an argument about a towel at America’s Best Value Inn on Rivergate Parkway. Amanda Diaz told police that she and Smith got into an argument over a hotel towel, which caused Smith to become angry. Smith then grabbed a towel and threw it at Diaz’s face. Diaz walked to the bathroom while they argued. As Diaz walked in Smith’s direction, she noticed he had his fist balled as if he was going to hit her. Smith told Diaz to hit him, so she pushed him away in self-defense. This prompted Smith to swing at her multiple times and shove her to the floor. Smith admitted to throwing the towel in Diaz’s face but insisted that she was the one who swung at him first. Officers didn’t observe any injuries to Smith’s face and determined him to be the primary aggressor.

In honor of Jerry Springer, meet Christian Gregory.

23-year-old Christian Gregory was booked this week for getting into a fight with Kelodjah Holt after she confronted Christian about sleeping with her ex-boyfriend and brother, Kelodjah Holt. A male called in on the line whispering about people being in his apartment that shouldn’t be. Police responded to Green Circle in Goodlettsville and spoke with Christian and her sisters, Talissa Gregory, and Shamaree Ramsey. Christian had just been in a fight with Kelodjah, who also lived in the apartment complex. Kelodjah found out that Christian had been sleeping with her ex-boyfriend and her brother, so she went to Christian’s apartment to confront her, and the argument turned into a fight.

During the fight, Christian grabbed a kitchen knife in self-defense, but Shamaree knocked it out of her hands and separated the two. Kelodjah ran to get back to her apartment, and Christian got in Shamaree’s car to follow her. Talissa ran after Christian but lost sight of her as she drove off. Talissa believed that Christian was hiding and waiting for an opportunity to attack Kelodjah, but it was later discovered that she circled the complex and went back to her apartment to grab another knife.

Christian pulled up to Kelodjas’s apartment and exited the car screaming, “I’m going to kill you b$*ch.” Christian slashed Kelodjah’s front passenger’s tire and then scratched her car with a knife. She then lunged at her while swinging the knife in her direction. Kelodjah told police that she feared for her life, and her claims were corroborated by Talissa and Shamaree. Officers found a broken knife blade lying on the hood of Kelodjah’s car and a knife handle sitting in the center console of Shamaree’s car, confirming that Christian used the knife.

Alexis Jackson urinated on the flower vase of her father-in-law’s gravestone

25-year-old Alexis Jackson was jailed on May 4th after urinating on the flower vase from her father-in-law’s gravesite. Police responded to Forest Lawn Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens and spoke with Shawn Jackson who said his soon-to-be ex-wife Alexis had stolen flowers and urinated on his father’s flower vase. He was brought this information by a mutual friend Sandra Merritt. Sandra told police that on the day of the incident she picked Alexis up to take her to her new boyfriend’s house, Chrisopher Meece in Hendersonville. On the way Sandra stopped to use the restroom and when she returned to the car, she saw Alexis with the flower vase. Sandra questioned her about the flower vase and Alexis told her it was from her father in law’s gravesite. She admitted to Sandra that she took the vase and urinated out of retaliation because she believes that Shawn vandalized her father’s gravesite. Alexis left the vase in Sandra’s car once she got to the home of her new boyfriend, Christopher Meece, and that’s when Sandra returned it and told Shawn about the incident.