DUI: Tourists Salvador Gonzalez & Julissa Carrillo drive on closed Broadway downtown

33-year-old Salvador Gonzalez & 38-year-old Julissa Carrillo were jailed Saturday evening after driving onto a closed road on Broadway between 4th and 5th Avenue. The road was closed and marked with traffic cones, police in travel lanes, and barriers at intersections. Gonzalez, the driver, was flagged down and informed the road was closed. He stopped for a short period of time and then quickly sped off, causing his tires to screech, stopping again a short distance later. When police spoke with Gonzalez, they immediately noticed red, watery eyes and smelled alcohol coming from him. When the vehicle was searched, a small baggie and a small jar of marijuana were found weighing 3.6 grams. Carrillo was the passenger; once she got out of the vehicle, she was very disruptive while police tried to interview Gonalez. Carrillo was shouting and trying to walk toward him. She was given multiple warnings to stop and stay back but continued shouting and trying to disrupt the interview. She was booked for disorderly conduct.