Stripper-To-Chef at Tartufo Brittany Dugger: Back at the Strip Club & Leaving Nashville?

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You should all remember Brittany Dugger – the stripper-turned chef, who then became judge-jury-executioner when she assaulted a a homeless man back in November. The new restaurant, Tartufo, owned by Marco Rossi, appears to be on track to open, at least if you judge by the self-published press releases and photos of the kitchen. However, the negative association with upcoming chef Brittany Dugger’s past and reputation may be too much to bear. It’s unclear if Rossi knew exactly what he was getting into, or if she will be a part of the recipe for Tartufo when it opens,  but in the past week Dugger has been seen out and about at the Deju Vu strip club, even posing for a meet and green with Mama June during her appearance.. and then in a hurried post earlier today stated that she was quickly moving back home from Nashville to Clarksville “in the next day or two” which certainly doesn’t sound planned or very thought out. Also she states everything she has can be moved in one load, sounds very hurried to us, though the reason is still unclear.

Brittany Dugger & Mama June at Deja Vu Strip Club in Nashville on Saturday:

Brittany Dugger & Mama June @ Deja Vu Strip Club

dugger moving

Dugger speaks about the new restaurant, Tartufo – from

“Dugger tells Eater that Tartufo (named after an Italian ice cream dessert) will have no menu, but instead will serve a constantly changing 5 to 7 course tasting each night for $75 per person”

We can’t help but notice that’s about the same the average male in the strip club spends per person, too – about $75 for 5-7 minutes.

“She also says that they are currently working out the details for ‘Backstage at Tartufo,’ an in-kitchen table for two that will be priced between $200 and $225, automatically making it one of the most expensive meals in town.”

In the strip clubs, is this called buying ‘a bottle of champagne’ or the Champagne room? Also, one of the most expensive meals in town, hands down!

Of course, since she’s moving back to Clarksville she will be able to get her needed Adderall filled:

brittany dugger adderall

brit strip

We’re not sure what’s up with Brittany or Tartufo – but we can’t imagine the 2nd most expensive restaurant in Nashville would entrust it’s menu and kitchen to this Chef moving forward? Or will they? In several self-publish press releases the restaurant talks about a ‘soon’ opening and shows off their kitchen:


We’re not sure what the future holds for either Tartufo or Dugger, but we’ll stay on the story!


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2 Thoughts to “Stripper-To-Chef at Tartufo Brittany Dugger: Back at the Strip Club & Leaving Nashville?”

  1. Jack Wall

    All of this seems a bit hateful. I really don’t see need for all the negativity. Grow up.

  2. BrittanyIsAWhore

    She has tarnished one name after another. Brittany Whadam, Brittany Dugger and has since changed it to Brittany Bontempo to finally start tarnishing her military boyfriend’s name after 6+ years of living off him and cheating on him.

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