18yo Bites Victim, Growls, & Breaks Down Door w/Fire Extinguisher

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Rodrius Hearn was booked into the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office overnight on multiple charges, after just being released from jail days earlier, when he was involved in another assault in the bathroom of Police Headquarters.

According to arrest reports overnight, Hearn got into a verbal argument with his brother and refused to leave his home. Instead he sat in the corner saying he wouldn’t leave. The brother attempted to pick him up and physically remove him, when Hearn started biting his brother’s neck and hitting him. The brother (victim) was finally able to push him outside and lock the deadblot, to which Hearn responded to by retreiving a fire entinguisher from the upstaird landing. Hearn began to grown loudly, swing the extinguisher around, and broke down the apartment door. He continued inside where he smashed through several walls with the fire extinguisher. When police arrived, Hearn flagged them down and pretended he was the victim, instead of the primary aggressor.

Hearn has been charged with the charges below, and is being held on a $35K bond, and a mandatory 12 hour domestic violence hold. He will have a bond review hearing on 08/07 if he has not bonded out by that time.

  • Vandalism- $1,000 or less (MISD)
  • Assault, Aggravated – Deadly Weapon – Int/Kn (FELONY) 1st victim
  • Assault, Aggravated – Deadly Weapon – Int/Kn (FELONY) 2nd victim


Hearn just completed a 10-day jail sentence, for an assault in a police station bathroom on 07/05/17:

On 07052017 the suspect and victim were involved in a physical altercation at the police headquaters. The Suspect followed the victim into the men’s restroom, once in the restroom the suspect shoved the victim’s head into the sink. This caused the victim to bleed from his mouth and suffer bodily injury.

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  1. Richard H

    That guy lived in my apartment complex at Non Hill at 180 Wallace Rd. With that kind of record how can he possible pass the background check. I have a 4 year old son, do you think I feel safe living at a place like that.

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