#EastNashville Traffic Stop Nets Heroin, Coke, Weed, Lortab, Adderall – Tomasina Dixon & Deundre Bridges #Busted

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EAST NASHVILLE: Just before 8PM Friday night, a MNPD Officer conducted a traffic stop for speeding that resulted in 10 felonies and 6 misdemeanors among 2 people – all because they were going 10 mph over the limit.

Deundre Bridges (fb: RiskTaker Lafamillia) & Tomasina Dixon were traveling near 5th St. & Crutcher in East Nashville on Friday night when an officer clocked them on Lidar traveling 40 mph in a 30 mph zone, on an otherwise empty roadway. Tomasina was driving, Deundre was sitting the back seat behind her, and another passenger was in the front seat beside her. The officer immediately smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle, requested backup to assist with the number of people in the vehicle, and once they arrived, all occupants were asked to step out of the vehicle.

Drugs Recovered:

  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Marijuana
  • Lortab
  • Adderall

According to a police report, The officers explained to them that due to the plain smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle a probable cause search would be done. Each occupant was searched prior to searching the vehicle. There was a driver, a right seat passenger and a back seat passenger totaling three occupants. While the primary officer was standing at his patrol car talking to who was the front seat passenger, the other officer was searching the vehicle.

He observed the arm rest in the back seat of the vehicle was slightly opened. When he pulled the armrest down, there was a red bag that when opened contained a clear bag containing green leafy substance consistent with marijuana and two clear bags containing a white powdery substance that appeared to be consistent with cocaine. Officer Adcock also observed a digital scale in the back of the driver seat. At that time, Officer Adcock approached Bridges to place him into custody, who was standing on the driver side of the patrol vehicle. When Officer Adcock placed his left arm with his right hand to place him in to custody, Bridges pulled away and started to run away from the officers. One officer took off after the defendant on foot. He repeatedly told the Bridges to stop several times to, which he refused. Bridges then went to the ground in an attempt to give up. As the officer got closer to the defendant, he stood back up and continued to run on foot. After another short foot pursuit, Bridges dropped down to the ground and put his hands behind his back in an attempt to give up. He was taken into custody.

When Bridges took off on foot, the individual who was the front passenger of the vehicle, jumped into the suspect vehicle and fled, driving towards Korean Veterans Blvd. The vehicle was eventually found and the drugs inside the vehicle were still there.

Inside the red bag, there was approximately 34.4 grams of marijuana in a clear plastic bag, approximately 14.5 grams of a white powdery substance consistent with cocaine, approximately 14.7 grams of a dark powdery substance consistent with heroine, and a clear plastic bag containing two lortabs and one adderall pill. A digital scale was found in the back seat of the suspect vehicle. A pack of cigarillos was also found Bridges, who also had $800 in cash on his person. During the investigation process, officers asked Bridges what his name and social security number was, he gave officers the wrong social security number, which came back in AMRS system to a female white subject. Upon search, his ID was found on his person.

Tomasina Dixon, who was driving, was charged with not having a valid license, along with above drug charges.

Charges for Deundre Bridges: $15,500 BOND

GS843378 Res. Arr.
GS843383 Poss.w/int.-Sch.III
GS843379 Misd. Evading Arrest
GS843381 Poss.w/int.-Sch.II
GS843385 Unl.Use Dr. Paraph.
GS843384 Poss.w/int.-Sch.VI
GS843377 Crim. Impersonation
GS843380 Poss.w/int.-Sch.I
GS843382 Poss.w/int.-Sch.II

Charges for Tomasina Dixon: $9,500 Bond

GS843391 Unl.Use Dr. Paraph.
GS843392 No Driver’s License
GS843388 Poss.w/int.-Sch.II
GS843387 Poss.w/int.-Sch.II
GS843389 Poss.w/int.-Sch.III
GS843390 Poss.w/int.-Sch.VI
GS843386 Poss.w/int.-Sch.I

 Both parties will appear in court on 03/02/18

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