Deborah Neely: Robbed man for Clif Bars & gallon of water #Arrested

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Deborah Neely is waking up in jail this morning on five new charges, including one felony, after she went on a rampage Tuesday afternoon at the Madison Target shopping center.

Target customer Joshua K Brooks was leaving the store in Madison after shopping for what included some Clif Bars & a gallon of water. As he was exiting the doors, Deborah Neely came from around a planter and brandished a pair of sharp scissors and swung at the victim. He jumped back with his bag in front of him, and Neely then sliced a whole in the Target shopping bag, causing the victim’s Clif Bars and a gallon of water to fall to the ground. Brooks states at that time he took off running from Neely, however she picked up the jug of water, removed the lid, and hurled it at the victim. For this, Neely was charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, and given a $7,500 bond.

However, it didn’t end there. Due to her arrest, Deborah Neely was searched. Inside of her purse, officers found numerous clothing items, and cans of tuna. Target loss prevention confirmed the items were stolen from their store, and she was charged with theft and trespassing.

But wait – there’s more! Also found in her purse was a new container of¬†Mielle Organics Flexible Hold Edge Gel valued, which appears to be stolen from Sally Beauty in the same shopping center. Store management confirmed she had just stolen this, as well. She was charged with theft and trespassing for this incident, too. She also had an outstanding warrant for a previous theft from Sally Beauty, which was also served on her.

In total, she is being held on $18,000 bond, and will appear in court on 03/29.

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