Half-naked drugged man attempts to sexually assault worker at Lebanon Sally Beauty Supply

A shirtless and barefoot 23-year-old Thomas ‘Tommy’ Deashawn Hall walked into a Lebanon Sally Beauty Supply store and attempted to have sexual contact with a female clerk, following her around before citizens detained him until police arrived.

Deborah Neely: Robbed man for Clif Bars & gallon of water #Arrested

Deborah Neely is waking up in jail this morning on five new charges, including one felony, after she went on a rampage Tuesday afternoon at the Madison Target shopping center. Target customer Joshua K Brooks was leaving the store in Madison after shopping for what included some Clif Bars & a gallon of water. As he was exiting the doors, Deborah Neely came from around a planter and brandished a pair of sharp scissors and swung at the victim. He jumped back with his bag in front of him, and…