Waking up behind bars: David ‘Keith’ Sanders #Arrested. Heroin. Meth. Stolen Guns.

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David ‘Keith’ Sanders (“Slim”) is waking up behind bars this morning, with a $81,000 bond, assuming he got any sleep. He was booked into jail last night, after a traffic stop, where he was found with heroin, crystal meth, and two stolen guns.

The Charges:

  • Poss.w/int C/S ($25K bond)
  • Possession ($1K bond)
  • Possession w/intent – Heroin ($25K bond)
  • Weapon – Felon Possession ($10,000 bond)
  • Weapon – Dang Felon w/prior ($10K bond)
  • Weapon – Dang Felon w/prior ($10K bond)

How it happened:

On 03/23/18 at 10:33 PM, officers stopped a car for traveling 50 mph in a 40 mph zone traveling South near 667 N. Main Street. David Keith Sanders was the front seat passenger in that vehicle, and was observed making numerous quick furtive movements underneath his seat. Upon talking with the driver of the car, he denied consent to search his vehicle, so MNPD introduced a K-9 to the vehicle and he did indicate to the presence of an odor of a narcotic in the area of the passenger door.

Found between the front passenger seat and center console was 8 grams of marijuana wrapped in tinfoil. Found in Keith Sanders’ front left pocket was a small bag with a powder substance, and an additional bag fell out of his left pant leg, also with a white powdery substance (2.6 grams). Sanders told the officer it was Heroin. Found in his girlfriend’s purse was a white crystal substance, the defendant admitted his was his and it was meth (.5 grams).

Found in the seat behind the defendant was 2 guns in a back pack. 1 gun being a Heritage MFG .22 caliber Rough Rider Revolver with no bullets in it, and a Raven ARMS .25 caliber pistol with a magazine next to it containing 6 bullets. Both guns came back stolen through NCIC. David Keith Sanders was also found to be a convicted felon, and the bag was within reach of him. While searching the vehicle, Sanders told the other occupants to claim the guns because he couldn’t.

Sanders is currently held on a $81,000 bond and has a review hearing on 03/27/18.

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