Joey Scerbo Arrested for Passing Fake Money: “These aren’t my pants”

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Early Sunday morning on April 8th, according to an arrest report, Joseph ‘Joey’ Paul Scerbo was sitting at a bar inside Top Golf Nashville. He ordered a beer, and paid with a $100 bill. A very observant bartender noticed that the bills was counterfeit, marked with ‘Motion Picture Use Only’ on the fake cash.

Instagram: @joeyscerbo

MNPD was then notified, and began to approach Joey Scerbo, but as soon as eye contact was made with the officers he began to run from the building and into the parking lot. He was pursued to his vehicle, where he was taken into custody for paying with the fake money.

When questioned, Joey Scerbo stated the pants he was wearing, which contained the fake money in the pockets, were not his pants. According to his statement, he did know that the bill was counterfeit. Scerbo says that he was “wearing a friend’s pants” and “accidentally” handed the fake $100 bill to his bartender. He stated that he immediately knew that he gave her the fake bill, but decided to not take it back or let her know. He told police that he became nervous when officers approached, because he knew he had used the fake money to buy beer.

He recently posted on his Instagram wallets full of cash, it’s unknown if it was real or more fake money.

Instagram: @joeyscerbo

Joseph Scerbo is charged with felony criminal simulation, and is free on pre-trial release. He will appear in court on 04/24/18.

Instagram: @joeyscerbo
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