Nashville Realtor to Cop: “Does Weed show up on a Breathalyzer?” #Arrested

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Cameron M Davis, 27, says he was at two different Antioch bars on Sunday night, drinking with friends, around Bell Road. He admits to having consumed 2-3 drinks within an hour, including a whiskey & coke. Sounds like an average night out for a lot of us, right? Except when he left the bar, Cameron Davis got behind the wheel of his car to drive home.

MNPD says he was on his way home around 11 PM, driving intoxicated, when he caused a car crash on Bell Road – driving into the back of the vehicle in front of him. The vehicle had extensive damage due to the impact. After the crash, Davis attempted to flee the area, continuing to drive the wrecked vehicle. In his attempt to flee, he drove into the Hickory Club Apartment complex, in an effort to hide.

A retired TSU Police Officer had heard the crash while in his own vehicle and saw the badly wrecked vehicle enter the apartment complex, and attempted to stop Davis. The retired officer tried to contain Davis, however the two fought when the retired officer tried to control him. MNPD arrived to the scene just as Davis was striking the retired officer, who only reported minor injuries from the assault. He was then taken into custody.

Davis admitted that he was scared of being caught driving intoxicated, and that was the reason he left the scene of the accident and fled .According to officers, he performed very poorly on SFSTs, and was unable to follow directions and complete some of the tasks. During the investigation, Davis asked the officer if marijuana would show up on a breath test, and admitted to smoking marijuana recently. Officers then requested a blood draw, to which Davis consented.

Per the report “the Defendant was given his miranda warning and voluntary, intelligently, and knowingly waived his rights. He admitted that he was was drinking too fast and that he was scared of being caught driving intoxicated. He made incriminating statements to police officers prior to and post miranda, he stated that he should not have been driving“.

Cameron Davis was charged with DUI, assault, leaving the scene of an accident, and failure to comply, and released on the pre-trial-release program. He is scheduled to appear in court on 06/25/2018.

Cameron Davis is a Memphis native, & MTSU Alumni. He is currently a realtor in Middle Tennessee.

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