2 infants found at pool’s edge; Adults overdosed/unconscious nearby

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Kristin Marie Caceres remains jailed on a $100,300 bond this morning, after being charged with two counts of aggravated child endangerment, and multiple drug charges.

On August 7th, a resident at Stewarts Ferry Apartments called metro police after observing a woman in the pool area that appeared to be very intoxicated with two young infants, both under six months old. She called police after the she could hear one of the infants crying after the woman disappeared from the immediate area of the infants.

Officers arrived to find 2 infants within 5 feet of the pool’s edge, which was approximately three feet deep. One of the infants was found screaming and crying, on an inflated float near the pool’s edge, wrapped in a soaked towel wearing only a diaper. The other infant was found in a car seat, approximately five feet from the pool’s edge. Police immediately picked up the crying infant and wrapped him in a dry blanket.

As police were looking for anyone responsible for the children, they heard gargling coming from about ten feet away, in a covered patio area by the pool. Police turned to find Kristin Marie Caceres on top of a while male who was overdosing. After about 3 full minutes of shaking and yelling Kristin, in an attempt to wake her up from her apparent unconscious state, police say she regained consciousness, and they got her off the male and laid down on the ground.

Kristin Caceres (MNPD)

This is when medics arrived and began administering aid to the male for an overdose of an unknown narcotic. Kristin continued to nod off, and constantly appear to fall back asleep during the entire encounter. She claimed she was only intoxicated on alcohol, however both police and medics believe she had some other substance in her system, even though she denied taking any type of drugs or narcotics.

During intermittent questioning, Kristin was able to give the name and birth dates of the children, as well as the name and birthday of the mother of the children. Police were able to make contact with the mother, who came to the scene and took custody of them.

Per court documents, both infants had soiled themselves multiple times, and the infant wrapped in the wet towel for an extended period had a lowered body temperature. Both infants were ‘very hungry’ and officers report they smelled as if they had not been bathed recently.

During a search, 2 grams of marijuana was found in a can of infant formula inside a plastic bag. For reasons currently unclear, a physical arrest was not made at the time, however warrants were issued the following day, August 8th, 2108. Two days later, on August 10th, Kristin Caceres was observed on Lebanon Pk, and was recognized as having an outstanding warrant. Upon a search incident to arrest, officers found 45 Xanax pills in an Oxymorphone bottle, without a prescription. 4 grams of marijuana was also found in the center console of her vehicle.

Caceres remains jailed on a $100,300 bond for 2 counts of aggravated child endangerment, and 3 counts of drug possession. She will have a bond review hearing today.


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