Man Pushes into Hermitage Apartment, Beats Resident

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Chris Beach, 30, is charged with especially aggravated burglary, a Class B felony, after a Tuesday arrest when he pushed his way into a Hermitage apartment and brutally attacked a man.

The victim, who called 911 at 11:48 AM on Tuesday, he was sleeping inside his Hermitage apartment on Old Hickory Boulevard, and he was awakened by continuous banging on his door. Once the victim answered the door, Christopher Sean Beach pushed his way into the apartment, grabbed the victim by the neck, and pushed him into the wall.

The victim was eventually able to break away from Beach’s grasp, and attempted to run to the rear of the apartment, however Beach again grabbed him again, and struck him in the head with a glass liquor bottle, causing both of the men to fall to the floor, where they continued to struggle.

Chris Beach then fled the apartment on foot, and the victim sustained injuries to his face and head. Chris Beach was located and charged with felony especially aggravated burglary just before 1:30 PM, along with three outstanding warrants that he failed to show up for trial on previously, including a felony weapons charge, felony possession with intent, and paraphernalia charges.

The outstanding warrants stemmed from a February 21st incident where he was stopped on Donelson Pike and found to have marijuana packaged for resale, and a Glock 19 handgun with 15 rounds of ammunition in his possession. He did not return to court for trial, and warrants were issued for his arrest.  He is now bonded out on all 4 charges, and has an initial court date on August 6th.

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