SCOOP: Witness to Antioch murder says she told MNPD shots came from Audi, was ignored, not believed.

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A witness, that was close enough to attempt CPR on murder victim Kevin Stewart before he died on Friday morning after being shot, says she told police about the gunfire coming from an Audi, and was ignored, as they put out the photos of an entirely different car and occupants to the media as the persons sought for questioning. It was nearly 21 hours after his murder before police finally got the correct suspects and vehicle out to the media, despite being told the correct information shortly after the murder happened.

The murder happened near the Antioch IHOP, just after 3 AM Friday morning. The witness says she observed the Audi traveling at a high rate of speed for the road it was on, and told Metro Nashville Police Department detectives this the shots came from this Audi SUV when she was interviewed – but they continued to put out information on another black SUV and occupants, ignoring her information – even accusing her of lying, and trying to cover up for someone in the Jeep.

At 1:55 PM, MNPD issued a (now deleted) tweet and press release, saying that “a black Jeep SUV pulled alongside the car Stewart was in. Stewart got out and was talking with a person(s) in the SUV when someone in that vehicle opened fire. Stewart died in the roadway”, and included a photo of a black jeep along with security camera photos of the occupants.

Several hours would pass by before the subjects in the Jeep were identified and met with detectives, and at 8:28 PM they issued a simple tweet that said:

“The persons in the black Jeep SUV wanted for questioning in this morning’s murder of Kevin Stewart have met with detectives. They say they were not involved. Investigation is continuing.”

Since Scoop: Nashville & this writer already knew about the details of the actual suspects being in an Audi and not a Jeep, and had confirmed the witness had already told the police the same information, this was tweeted out shortly after the MNPD’s tweet, clearing the Jeep, even though police had still not released the details of the Audi, and would not for another 4 hours:

After our alert that the black Audi was the actual vehicle of the shooter, Metro Nashville Police took another 4 hours before they alerted the rest of the media and public, issuing a middle of the night press release at 12:32 AM, with the photos of the actual vehicle of the new suspected shooter, along with photos of the occupants from inside the IHOP picking up a to-go order. At 12:32, MNPD finally released photos of the actual suspects – nearly 21 hours after the murder, and nearly as many hours since learning of the Audi information provided by the witness, and ignoring it.

Though no further information has been released from the police, they have deleted their tweet naming the incorrect suspects, and have provided no updates since the 12:32 AM release of the Audi information. Scoop: Nashville has received several indications the suspects have ties to Memphis, but MNPD has not yet confirmed that link. They had a 21-hour head started before anyone was looking for them – so they could be anywhere.

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