Kalin Jacobs described as ‘very cooperative’ during arrest; reveals dealer, sales amounts, & more

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Dear Nashville, there is a hard and fast rule that’s easy to follow if you don’t want to be arrested: don’t volunteer information to the police, and don’t sign a search consent form for them to search your home without a warrant. Kalin Jacobs didn’t know that rule, and ended up having a very bad day yesterday after he told Metro Police he’s sold an average of 24 pounds of marijuana, and 2,000 THC cartridges per year, for the past several years. He then proceeded to give detectives the names of his suppliers and sources of where he got his drugs, and consent for them to search him, his home, and his vehicle. He received pre-trial release and is free on 7 felony charges.

Metro Police arrived at the Meridian at Hermitage apartment of Kalin Jacobs, to conduct a knock-and-talk as part of an ongoing narcotics investigation.  As they approached, they noticed Jacobs outside and spoke with him. He was advised he was not under arrest, but was “part of a narcotics investigation” according to Detective David Irwin.

Irwin says that Jacobs was ‘very cooperative’ and agreed to speak with him, revealing he had at least one THC cartridge in his vehicle, and several in his apartment. Jacobs also volunteered he had marijuana and firearms in the apartment, and gave both verbal and written consent for detectives to enter and search his residence, person, and vehicle.

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Based on that consent, detectives recovered:

  • 35 THC cartridges
  • 213 grams marijuana
  • 617 grams of “marijuana butter”
  • 3x semi-automatic handguns
  • 1x AR-15 rifle
  • $8,540 cash
Kalin Jacobs (MNPD)

Detectives interviewed Kalin Jacobs, who volunteered to them that he manufactures the “THC butter”, along with other THC products, and had equipment in his apartment to do so.  Jacobs named two sources he gets marijuana and THC cartridges from, one of them being a friend from California. He further stated that he sells around 2 pounds of marijuana per month, along with several hundred THC cartridges and THC wax. Jacobs told detectives he could order 1,000 cartridges if he wanted, but usually only gets a few hundred per month. Jacobs says he has been selling marijuana and THC cartridges for several years.

Leading up to this knock-and-talk attempt and consent search, a confidential informant (CI) told police they could buy marijuana, THC cartridges, and THC wax from Jacobs. Detective David Irwin seized the opportunity in December of 2018, and used the CI to purchase a felony amount of all three items from Jacobs at his apartment, while being observed.

Kalin Avery Jacobs, 24, is charged with 7 felonies, including delivery or manufacture of drug paraphernalia, 3 counts of felony controlled substance, weapon in possession during a felony, possession w/intent SCH VI, and manufacture of a SCH VI drug. He is on pre-trial release.

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