Kalin Jacobs described as ‘very cooperative’ during arrest; reveals dealer, sales amounts, & more

Dear Nashville, there is a hard and fast rule that’s easy to follow: don’t volunteer information to the police, and don’t sign a search consent form for them to search your home without a warrant.

Donelson drug bust: Edibles, THC Wax, LSD, MDMA, 3/4 pound marijuana – 2 arrested

#Donelson: Christopher Fun, 26, and Alan Servin, 29, are free on pre-trial release after Metro detectives executed a search warrant in Donelson Monday, resulting in the discovery of a THC wax manufacturing operation, and the seizure of over three-quarters of a pound of marijuana, edibles, LSD, MDMA, & money.

All the Ketamine: Mason Lanius & Margaret (Addie) Moor #Arrested

Ketamine. THC Wax. Marijuana. Cocaine. Ecstasy. Ketamine. Xanax. Adderall. Scales. Cash. A loaded 357 (stolen), and did we mention Ketamine? That’s some of what was found in a search conducted yesterday at Apartment 420 in a Nashville apartment complex. Mason Lanius & Margaret (Addie) Moor were arrested late Monday night as the result of a knock and talk, which provided probable cause for a search warrant. CSU detectives conducted a knock and talk at an apartment number 420 in Nashville. Upon knocking on the door police were greeted by Margaret (Addie)…