Amaurea Dulin arrested with 41 grams of heroin, & a handgun

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Amaurea Dulin[fb], 21, is held in lieu of $104,500 bond after police found him to be in possession of 41 grams of heroin, and in possession of a loaded Ruger P94 handgun, while searching for a murder suspect.

Police were attempting to locate a murder suspect on Monday evening, and conducted a knock-and-talk at an apartment at 270 Tampa Drive. As officers knocked, they could smell marijuana coming from the apartment, and they were let into the residence. Officers immediately noticed a small baggie containing a light brown substance on the couch, within plain view, and another similar bag on the floor beside the couch, in addition to a scale on the entertainment center in the living room where they were standing.

The scene was frozen, and search warrant was applied for, granted, and executed. As a result of the search, officers also found a loaded Ruger P94 in a backpack beside the larger bag of heroin. The total weight of all heroin recovered was 41 grams.

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Amaurea Dulin (MNPD)

There was an additional person in the home, Adrian Gaines, who was arrested and charged with a handgun found in his bedroom.

Dulin was charged with possession of heroin with intent, drug paraphernalia, possession with intent of a SCH II over 26 grams, and possession of a weapon. He also had additional outstanding charges, for which he is also held on bond, including theft of property, possession with intent of marijuana, and possession of a handgun while under the influence of marijuana. He is held in lieu of a $104,500 bond.

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  1. […] Gaines, who is a convicted felon, was charged with possession of the handgun, and was freed on pre-trial release. Another individual in the home, Amaurea Dulin, was also arrested during the search and faces multiple drug and weapon charges. […]

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