Antioch woman holds husband at gunpoint, shoots his truck as he escapes

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Chasity Hails Ortgiesen remains in jail this morning in lieu of a $17,500 bond, after she held her husband at gunpoint Saturday night, refusing to let him leave, and when he did escape she fired shots at him, including one that struck the door of his vehicle. She told police “I’m a good shot, I just wanted to freak him out!”.

Metro Police responded to the Shihmen Drive address in Antioch on Saturday afternoon, in response to a domestic disturbance with shots fired. They were able to make contact with the victim (husband) at the nearby Mapco, who had just escaped being held at gunpoint by his wife, who was still at the residence. He explained she kicked him out of their home last week, and he had been living in his truck for a few days. He had returned to the home Saturday as his wife invited him back to get some of his things.

Chasity Hails Ortgiesen (MNPD)

As the victim was collecting some of his things, his wife, Chasity Hails Ortgiesen, grabbed a handgun and pointed at his chest, and told him he wasn’t leaving, to ‘stay put’, that he wasn’t going anywhere. As he attempted to move closer to the door to leave the home, he says she again approached him, and this time pressed the gun at his back and stated he wasn’t going anywhere, as she held the front door closed with the gun to his back. The victim was able to get the front door open, and escape to his truck. As he was making his way to the vehicle, his wife moved onto the front porch and fired the gun into the air. As he got into the vehicle, she fired another round that struck the door of the truck.

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During an interview with detectives,¬†Chasity Hails Ortgiesen admits she pointed her handgun at the victim, and told him to ‘stay put!’, and that she shot the gun but not ‘at him’. She stated ‘I’m a good shot, and just wanted to freak him out!’. She is charged with false imprisonment and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and currently held in lieu of a $17,500 bond. She has a bond review hearing Tuesday morning.

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