#BoosterClub: Adrian Russell arrested with $456 of cologne at Dillard’s

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Was he shopping for Post Malone? 28-year-old Adrian Russell was found guilty on Monday of two counts of theft, of which was one was for stealing 4 boxed cologne bottles from Dillard’s.

Police were dispatched to Dillard’s on Saturday, where loss prevention showed them video footage of Adrian Russell grabbing four cologne containers in their boxes and move to the side of the cologne display, where they were placed in the front pocket of his hoodie, and in the bottom of his pant leg.

Adrian Russell (MNPD)

In total, the cologne was worth $456, and he was charged with theft of merchandise. As he was being taken into custody, police realized he also had an outstanding warrant for theft from a Family Dollar store on Jefferson Street in December. During that theft, he walks into the store, picks up a shopping basket, and exits the store with a basket full of items. He was identified from a photo line up.

Adrian Russell accepted received an 11/29 suspended sentence with probation for the thefts during court on Monday, and was released from custody.

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