Retired MNPD Officer evades police, grabs for taser, injures officer during arrest after stomping child in stomach

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A retired MNPD Officer is charged with evading arrest, assault of an officer, resisting arrest, and more – after he attempted to grab an officer’s taser and refused all commands during his arrest on Wednesday.

Metro Police responded to a domestic disturbance on Wednesday in Antioch, involving a father and daughters. When police were en route to the location, they observe a vehicle matching the description of the father leaving the area, so they followed it, and attempted to make an investigative stop. Despite using lights and sirens, the driver of the vehicle refused to immediately stop, even turning around and driving the opposite direction before finally bringing the vehicle to a stop.

Kevin Caperton (MNPD)

As soon as the driver stopped, identified as retired MNPD Field Training Officer Kevin Caperton, he exited the vehicle and approached the police officers, despite commands to stop. He was given commands to turn around, to get on the ground, all of which he refused. He continued to approach police, and they attempted to get him into custody as a struggle broke out between them, and the officers took him to the ground for ‘better control’. Caperton told officer he “going to get the taser” multiple times as he attempted to reach for the taser on the officer’s waist. One officer sustained minor injuries during the struggle to take Caperton into custody.

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While this was happening, another officer went to the scene of the original call to meet with the victims, who were Caperton’s two daughters. They told police Caperton assaulted them both during an argument at breakfast, knocking one of them to the ground, kicking her, and stomping her in the stomach, and slapping the other one. Caperton also punched a hole in the wall of the home.

Kevin Caperton, 51, is charged with domestic assault x2, resisting arrest, evading arrest in a motor vehicle, and assault of an officer. He posted a $13,500 bond via Wheeler Bonding, just seven hours after his intake. Caperton took his pension in January of 2017.

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