She said “it’s over”, he licked a steak knife and said “I’ll cut your throat”, then ripped a gauge out of her ear

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Phillip Boyd, 32, didn’t take a breakup well Tuesday night. He licked a steak knife before threatening his girlfriend with it, then ripped a gauge out of her ear, causing a tear injury.

Metro Police say Phillip Boyd met his girlfriend at a West Nashville restaurant Tuesday night, when she got off work, and she got into his vehicle. She had planned to break up with him on this day, and while in the process of breaking up with him, Boyd picked up a steak knife, licked it, and told her he was going to cut her throat. The victim told him she wasn’t going anywhere with him, and got back into her own vehicle, also in the parking lot.

Phillip Boyd Jr (MNPD)

Boyd exited his vehicle, walked over to the victim’s vehicle, where she gave him his personal belongings. While she was doing so, Boyd reached into the victim’s vehicle and ripped her gauge out of her left ear, leaving a tear where the gauge was ripped out. Still upset, he kicked the driver’s side mirror, causing damage to the vehicle.

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Phillip Boyd remains in jail Wednesday morning, in lieu of an $11,000 bond, charged with vandalism, and felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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