Wife jumps from moving vehicle to escape horrific kidnapping by husband – Charles Bond Arrested

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Charles Henry Bond, 35, is held in lieu of a $100,000.00 bond in a Nashville jail, arrested Friday morning, and charged with kidnapping his wife at gunpoint, and taking her on a treacherous escapade before she was able to jump from his moving vehicle to escape.

Thanks to the detail provided in the arrest warrant by MNPD Officer Coleman McKellar, we present the full affidavit below, which details the events leading up to the arrest of Charles Bond:

Ms. (VICTIM) stated she and Ms. (VICTIM II – VICTIM’s SISTER-IN-LAW) were at a Ruby Tuesday’s in the area of Nashville Village, when Ms. (VICTIM) believed she had seen Mr. Bond, her husband, momentarily in the parking lot. Ms. (VICTIM) stated that she and Ms. (VICTIM II) then went to a friend’s residence at Riverchase apartments when Mr. Bond arrived in a Chevrolet Tahoe. Mr. Bond asked Ms. (VICTIM) to get in his vehicle. Ms. (VICTIM) stated she could not leave Ms. (VICTIM II), since she had ridden to the location with her. Mr. Bond stated:

“then I guess you’re both going for a ride.”

Both Ms. (VICTIM) and Ms. (VICTIM II) reportedly got into Mr. Bond’s vehicle willingly. However, once on the road, Ms. (VICTIM) became concerned with the speed Mr. Bond was driving. Ms. (VICTIM) also became concerned about a tire that was causing an unusual noise. Believing They may have a flat tire, they stopped at an Exxon gas station on Dickerson Pike for air. Once on the road again, Mr. Bond’s speed became a growing concern. Ms. (VICTIM) asked Mr. Bond to slow down repeatedly and a verbal altercation ensued. Ms. (VICTIM) then asked to be taken home.

Charles Bond (MNPD)

A short time later, Ms. (VICTIM) asked the Mr. Bond where he was going. Mr. Bond stated he was taking Ms. (VICTIM) home, however Ms. (VICTIM) was aware they were traveling in the wrong direction. Mr. Bond then turned off l-65 South onto the Wedgewood Exit. Ms. Bond stated that as they took the exit and entered a residential area, she became even more suspicious of the direction he was traveling, stating “there’s nothing down here”. Mr. Bond pulled into a driveway to tum around, at which point Ms. (VICTIM) stated “I’ll just walk” and attempted to exit the vehicle.

Ms. (VICTIM) stated Mr. Bond then grabbed her by the hair and told her to get back in the vehicle. As she began to struggle with Mr. Bond, Mr. Bond then brandished a handgun and struck her on top of her head as he continued to pull her hair, telling her to get in the vehicle. Ms. (VICTIM), in fear, complied with Mr. Bond and asked “what are you doing?” “What’s wrong with you?” Mr. Bond then stated he was going to pick up his daughter.

Ms. (VICTIM) could not provide a specific address but stated that as they pulled up to a house where Mr. Bond stated his daughter was (near the comer of Truetlan Place and Lischey ave.) Mr. Bond told Ms. (VICTIM II) to get out and get his daughter. Ms. (VICTIM), in fear that his request was a ploy to simply get Ms. (VICTIM II) out of the vehicle and drive away, told (VICTIM II) “don’t get out, he can go to the door”.

As Ms. (VICTIM II) hesitated to exit the vehicle, Ms. (VICTIM) took the opportunity to attempt to escape. Ms. (VICTIM) opened the door but was grabbed by Mr. Bond. Mr. Bond who then “floored it”. As he began to accelerate, Ms. (VICTIM) states that Mr. Bond lost his grip and she exited the moving vehicle. Ms. (VICTIM) stated that as she got up, she saw Mr. Bond turning around in a grassy area.

Unsure as to what Mr. Bond was doing or if he was going to try to run her over, Ms. (VICTIM) ran to the nearest residence and beat on the door. Ms. (VICTIM) asked for help and for the resident to call 911. The resident refused to “get involved” at first, due to children at the location. Ms. (VICTIM) asked if she could just come in and run out the back door. As the Ms. (VICTIM) exited the rear of the residence she observed a vehicle that appeared to have just pulled to the rear of their residence. Ms. (VICTIM) ran to the vehicle and asked for a ride. Ms. (VICTIM) stated the two occupants stated they had observed her jump from the Tahoe and assisted Ms. (VICTIM) by transporting her back to her vehicle at the Riverchase apartments. Ms. (VICTIM) later drove herself to Skyline Medical Center.

Charles Bond is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and aggravated kidnapping with a weapon. He is held in lieu of a $100,000.00 bond.

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