Man vandalizes MNPD patrol car, causes $1,500 in damages with feet

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Metro Police say Demetrius Harris was being arrested for kidnapping when he caused approximately $1,500 in damages to the patrol car they placed him in before they read his charge to him, by kicking the screen and rear door, causing it to no longer fully close.

Metro Police were attempting to take Demetrius Harris into custody Thursday at 2nd Ave. South, near the pedestrian bridge, on a kidnapping charge. They didn’t tell him what the charge was until he was cuffed and in the back seat of a patrol car. Once he learned of the exact charge, he became extremely irate and aggressive, according to a report from the arresting officer. Harris began kicking the screen and driver’s side rear passenger door of the patrol car, prompting more units to respond to the scene due to the quickly escalating damage.

Demetrious Harris (MNPD)
Demetrious Harris (MNPD)

The rear passenger door no longer fully closes and protrudes at the top of the car. Eventually, more units arrived, and assisted with retraining the defendant’s feet, to include the use of hobble restraints. In addition to the kidnapping charge, Harris was charged with resisting arrest and felony vandalism. The estimated damage to the marked unit 8407 is $1,500.

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