Daughter has 74yo Father arrested after years of emails and letters disagreeing with her lifestyle

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Emily Cross told Metro Police she wanted her father, Walter Cross, arrested for harassment, due to him sending her unwanted emails and mailed letters over the last several years because she refused to take her daughter to church. She met with a magistrate, and now the 74-year-old grandfather is free on a $1,000 bond.

The harassment charge, considered a domestic violence offense because of their relationship, was the first the 74-year old grandfather ever faced. It was brought about when his daughter met police at the South Precinct to make the complaint. she told the responding officer that her father, Walter Cross, had been constantly sending her emails and letters, over a period of several years, despite her ‘best efforts’ to get him to stop. she says her father doesn’t agree with her ‘lifestyle choices’ and wants her to take his granddaughter to church.

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Emily Cross also claims her father is “threatening to charge her with fraud relating to an address change on one of his accounts” unless she comes to speak with him. She says she told him to stop communicating but continues to send emails and physical letters about his granddaughter. She told police her father has been known to come to the house knocking on her door, but she never answers. She claims her father’s actions have no legitimate purpose and are intended to alarm and frighten her, causing emotional distress.

Walter Cross (MNPD)
Walter Cross (MNPD)

Her father, Walter Cross, 74, was arrested on the outstanding warrant just over two weeks ago, and charged with domestic violence harassment, causing emotional distress, intimidation, and intent to frighten. He is free on a $1,000 bond until his November court date.

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