ARRESTED: “Let her know I love her, and I always will.”

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39-year-old David Bonds is charged with violating an order of protection, after he used Facebook messenger to attempt to profess his love to his estranged wife, via her sister. He was out on a $1500 bond for domestic assault at the time of his arrest. – Shop Local! Shipped to you!

David Bonds was initially arrested in late October after his wife says the pair got into an argument due to his video chatting with her friends. She told police the altercation turned physical when he slapped her forehead with his open hand, leaving a cut and slight bruising on the victim. At the time of that incident, David Bonds was booked, charged, and released on bond, and a protective order was served on him on November 6th.

David Bonds (MNPD)
David Bonds (MNPD)

On December 5th, his wife, the victim, reported to the Family Safety Center that David Bonds had attempted to contact her via a 3rd party (her sister) on Facebook messenger and that an active order of protection was in place. Mr. Bonds asked the victim’s sister, May Rosales, to relay a message to her, of “Let her know I still love her, and I always will.”

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Bond was taken into custody on December 12, charged with violating an order of protection. He was booked into jail, and released on a $3,000 bond.

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