Couple charged with pepper-spraying car salesman after car repossessed, 1 in custody

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Metro Police say Mandrekus North and Masi Kingston participated in an assault on a car salesman just days before Christmas. Unable to handle the situation on his own, North left the car lot to come back with Kingston, who is alleged to have pepper-sprayed the victim before they both fled the scene.

32-year-old Mandrekus North was booked into custody early Friday morning, after a warrant was issued for his arrest two days prior, on January 22nd. The warrant alleges that North arrived at Michale’s Auto Sales just days before Christmas, on December 18th, 2019, in an attempt to retrieve property from his previously repossessed car. Once at the car lot, he learned the vehicle had already been sold with his belonging inside.

Mandrekus North (MNPD)
Mandrekus North (MNPD)

An affidavit details that North caused a scene at the business, but eventually left. A short time later, he returned to the Dickerson Pike business, along with his (ex/current) boyfriend, 28-year-old Masi Kingston. The couple entered the building, making yet another scene, demanding the property be returned. A warrant charges that Kingston then pepper-sprayed the victim, Farid Koushkbaghi, in the face, causing pain and discomfort. Kingston and North then fled the scene in a white Chevy Impala, according to police.

Masi Kingston (MNPD - 2018)
Masi Kingston (MNPD – 2018)

North spoke with police twice on the phone but refused to be interviewed. He was taken into custody just before 2 a.m. Friday morning, charged with assault. Masi Kingston is not yet in custody at this time. North has since posted a $1,500 bond.

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