Burlington shoplifter identified by a former classmate who worked there

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18-year-old Emandreia Cobb is charged with theft of merchandise under after an old classmate identified her as the suspect caught on camera at the Burlington store on Sawyer Brown Road in Bellevue.

On 9/24/2019, Emanreia Cobb and Megan Springs visited the Burlington location on Sawyer Brown Road. When they entered the premise, both individuals were caught selecting items from the sales floor and concealing the items in their purses. Around 10 minutes after they had walked into the store they walked out without making any attempt to pay for the items they selected.

Emandreia Cobb (MNPD)
Emandreia Cobb (MNPD)

Emandreia was identified by an employee of the store who stated they previously went to school together. The employee again identified Emandreia when presented in a photo lineup. The total cost of the stolen items was $71.00. Emandreia was later served her warrant on 1/21/2020, and her bond was set at $1,500.00. Megan was arrested in reference to the incident on January 2nd, 2020, and received the same bond amount.

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