Man admits sexual interest in minor girls; caught by Tumblr and arrested for exploitation

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28-year-old Cory Edmondson was charged with sexual exploitation of a minor (51-100 items) when police raided his home after he had been locked out of his Tumblr account for storing sexual images of minor females, ages 8-12 years old, on his profile.

In July 2019, Tumblr reported finding sexual images of minor females stored on the Tumblr profile Tumblr reported the incident to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the case was forwarded to Metro Nashville Police Department for further investigation. A search warrant was carried out in regard to retrieving the account contents of Tumblr provided several images stored in the account which included 10 sexual images of nude or partially nude minor females, approximately 8-12 years old. The minor females were posed in sexualized positions focusing on the young girls’ exposed vaginas, breasts, and/ or buttocks. Tumblr also provided the IP address logs that were used to access that Tumblr profile. A subpoena was issued to AT&T for the subscriber’s information of the internet service account assigned to those IP addresses. AT&T provided the address for the subscriber on Bluewater Drive in Antioch.

Cory Edmondson (MNPD)
Cory Edmondson (MNPD)

On January 10th, detectives executed a search warrant on Bluewater Drive and interviewed Cory Edmondson who resides at the location. Cory admitted to searching for and storing sexual images of minor females in his Tumblr account until Tumblr locked him out of his account back in July 2019. Cory was shown the images from the Tumblr search warrant and he acknowledged they were the ones he had saved. He also admitted to having around 20 similar sexual images of minors in a Google account He said that he deleted the account shortly after being locked out of Tumblr for fear of being discovered and investigated by law enforcement. Cory stated that he has a sexual interest in minor females and throughout the summer of 2019 he had “masturbated regularly to sexual images of minor females, preferably around 13 years old”, according to the affidavit. Police seized several devices from his bedroom including a Dell Alienware desktop computer that Cory said was his private, password-protected computer that only he used. A forensic examination was completed on the computer and 80 sexual images of minor females were recovered from it. The images were primarily of young girls approximately 8-13 years old, exposing their breasts, vaginas, and/or buttocks and posed in sexualized positions.

Cory Edmondson was arrested and charged with Sexual Exploitation of a Minor. His bond was set at $3,000.

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