Man admits sexual interest in minor girls; caught by Tumblr and arrested for exploitation

28-year-old Cory Edmondson was charged with sexual exploitation of a minor (51-100 items) when police raided his home after he had been locked out of his Tumblr account for storing sexual images of minor females, ages 8-12 years old, on his profile.

Nashville Waffle House Employee Admits to “over 100 sexual images of prepubescent boys” on Phone | David Alred Arrested

On Friday, 12/15/17, MNPD went to the Waffle House on Conference Drive in Nashville to speak with employee David Alred, age 38. He was informed that he was not under arrest, and did not have to speak to MNPD, he stated he understood and agreed to speak. He then admitted to uploading sexual images of minor children to Google, Tumblr, Dropbox, KIK, and other social media platforms and cloud storage accounts. Alred also admitted that he was going to have sexual images of minor children on his cellphone. A search…