Woman assaults boyfriend over amount of food in house during COVID19 pandemic

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a 46-year-old Nashville woman is now jailed with an ICE-Detainer hold, after a 911 hang-up call brought police to an Antioch home, where they found she repeatedly punched her boyfriend in the face until he was bloody, due to an argument over the amount of food in the house.

Metro Nashville police responded to Hickory Hollow Parkway on April 5th, after someone called 911. Upon arrival, they found an assault victim, Harvin Canales, with a bloody nose and red face. He told police his girlfriend, 46-year-old Maria Cornejo, got into an argument with him over the amount of food in the house. He reported she hit him several time in the face until his nose bled. Maria told police that nothing physical occurred.

Maria Cornejo (MNPD)
Maria Cornejo (MNPD)

Maria Cornejo was booked into the Metro Nashville jail, where she was charged with domestic assault. ICE placed a detainer hold on her release.

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