Man steals handguns from victim’s house, then passes them off and denies allegations

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35-year-old Christopher Smith was charged with burglary, theft, and possession of burglary tools when he tried to steal a motorcycle after stealing two handguns from the victim’s house.

On July 11th, close to 3 pm police arrived at 3831 Hutson Avenue in response to a burglary in progress to find the suspect, Christopher Smith, standing next to a motorcycle. They were able to identify Smith with a description they received while en route.

Christopher Smith (MNPD)
Christopher Smith (MNPD)

Smith said that he was attempting to start up the motorcycle with help from another citizen, which he said he had been driving. After officers ran the VIN of the motorcycle, they found that it had been reported stolen from Old Hickory. When police searched Smith, they found a pair of pliers and a piece of metal duct tape that he was using to start the motorcycle.

Officers were able to contact the victim, Harlan Mccoy, who saw Smith running out of his home carrying a pistol case in one hand and a black pistol in the other. He said that he saw him head towards the motorcycle on Hutson where the police made contact with Smith. Mccoy said that he gave the pistol case and handgun to Amber Daley, whom Smith identified later in an interview, in a beige sedan before police showed up. Smith was positively identified by Mccoy after a show-up a little after 4 pm. During the interview, Smith claimed Daley was driving the beige sedan, but he denied being at Mccoy’s home or having anything to do with the alleged theft.

Christopher Smith was arrested and charged with theft of property, burglary, and possession of burglary tools. His bond was set at $16,500.

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