Man on a three-day bender tells police, “You aren’t gonna see what’s in my blood, I took a lot of things”

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25-year-old Hassan Algizawi was charged with DUI and implied consent when police found him unconscious and urine-soaked behind the wheel. He was administered naloxone twice in one day during a three-day heroin bender.

On August 30th, police found Hassan Algizawi unresponsive in a Chevy Impala on 3317 Lebanon Pike. The vehicle was running and in gear and Algizawi was slumped over the wheel, drooling, with urinate soaked pants. After the police put the vehicle in park and turned it off they administered naloxone delivered via Narcan and performed a sternum rub in an attempt to awaken Algizawi. After he came to, Algizawi was asked if he took anything, he shook his head “yes” and said “heroin”.

Hassan Al-Gizawi (MNPD)
Hassan Algizawi (MNPD)

Algizawi could not stand on his own and when Medic 32 arrived they advised he had been administered naloxone another time already that day. When Algizawi saw the medics he became belligerently hostile and aggressive towards them and refused transport in the ambulance. Police did not conduct a standard field sobriety test based on his level of intoxication, he was read his Miranda rights instead. He then asked for a cigarette and inquired whether he was going to jail. Officers explained that he was being taken to get blood drawn. Declining the blood draw he told police “You aren’t gonna see what’s in my blood. I took a lot of things.” He admitted to taking Xanax and suboxone before explaining to police that due to depression and family issues he had been on a three-day heroin bender.

Hassan Algizawi was arrested and charged with DUI and implied consent. He was freed on pre-trial release.

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