Man chucks rock at Citgo door until it shatters, claims he made a bad choice that night

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47-year-old Wayne Kyle was charged with burglary and vandalism after video surveillance showed him pulling up to a Citgo gas station, repeatedly throwing a rock at the glass door until it shattered, and attempting to unlock the door.

On October 19th, Hermitage Police Officers responded to an audible alarm at the Citgo Gas Station on 501 Ermac Drive. Officers made contact with the owner, Sunilkuma Patel, and examined video footage which showed Wayne Kyle pulling up in a boxed U-Haul truck. He exited the vehicle and grabbed a rock that he hurled at the glass front door of the business several times. Once the door shattered, he reached inside and attempted to unlock it.

Wayne Kyle (MNPD)
Wayne Kyle (MNPD)

On October 21st, the U-Haul truck was located at 1133 Vultee Boulevard. Officers responded and Wayne Kyle was found asleep in the back of the truck. He confessed he was at the Citgo and attempted to break the door. He claimed he made a poor decision and after he broke the door he realized it was wrong.

On October 21st, Wayne Kyle was arrested and charged with burglary and vandalism. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $20,000 bond.

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