Tourist jailed after beating accused sexual assailant unconscious in downtown Nashville

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26-year-old tourist Anthony Hunter Challender is returning home to Williamston, MI, on a $6,000 bond and with a felony charge after a woman says Challender witnessed a man sexually assault her on Broadway in downtown Nashville, then crossed the street and beat the man’s head on the sidewalk where he once stood, slamming his head onto the concrete repeatedly, until he was unconscious.

Metro Nashville Police noticed an unconscious man on the sidewalk near 4th & Broadway just after 3 a.m. Saturday, with blood coming from his head. Statements were taken from multiple witnesses who all confirmed a man, later identified as Anthony Hunter Challender, was the man that knelt over the victim, Walter Eugene Sweat III, and held his hand in his bare hands and smashed it against the sidewalk repeatedly until he lost consciousness.

Anthony Challender (MNPD)
Anthony Challender (MNPD)

One of the witnesses further explained the entire situation, stating Challender had observed Sweat walk up to her and try to touch her hand and then touched her breast. She states Challender ran from across the street and attacked the man, due to observing his unwanted touching of the woman without any notice or delay. When attempting to take Challender into custody, he fled from officers for about two blocks.

Anthony Hunter Challender was booked into the Metro Nashville jail, charged with felony aggravated assault with serious injury and evading arrest. He is free on a $6,000 bond and scheduled to appear in court in July.

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5 Thoughts to “Tourist jailed after beating accused sexual assailant unconscious in downtown Nashville”

  1. John D

    Hero. Needs a gofundme to pay his bond and legal fees.

  2. Bonnie B

    How ridiculous! Why the hell should this man be charged with anything? The asshole deserved to get beat for disrespecting the woman like he did! I just learned of another very similar situation where a man walked up shot and killed a female co-worker. Her boyfriend hit the killer (who tried to flee on bicycle) with his car. He beat the hell out of the man until cops showed up and he was not charged with anything at all! It is a disgrace that the two scenarios end up having two completely different outcomes, and a good samaritan ends up getting charged with something that should be rewarded instead!
    There is often no justice in this country. Seems to me like governments across the US can literally charge you with whatever the hell they feel like charging you with. Then you’re at the mercy of the court and/or jury! It is complete bullshit that we can literally be charged with absolutely anything a cop or investigator wants to charge us with, and have to go through the whole devastating process of being arrested, booked, having to pay thousands of dollars to bond out of jail, pay an attorney to fight for our freedom, then pay all kinds of court costs/fees. Sometimes all of it is for absolutely nothing, often something that the person charged never even did wrong!

    1. Robin

      Thank God there are people like him out there!

  3. June parker

    I think this young man, Challender, should get a medal not arrested. If more people got involved I just bet criminal element would hide out. Don’t punished him for kicking ass when he made unwanted advances towards a woman.

  4. DDDDDuane

    This guy is an idiot…Probably attacked a drunk old mess….Deserves what he gets…

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