Tourist jailed after beating accused sexual assailant unconscious in downtown Nashville

26-year-old tourist Anthony Hunter Challender is returning home to Williamston, MI, on a $6,000 bond and with a felony charge after a woman says Challender witnessed a man sexually assault her on Broadway in downtown Nashville, then crossed the street and beat the man’s head on the sidewalk where he once stood, slamming his head onto the concrete repeatedly, until he was unconscious.

Man busts another man in head with bottle over nude photos in his cell phone

20-year-old Jesshaun Patterson was charged with aggravated assault after he hit Ledonis Johnson in the head with a glass bottle causing it to bleed because Ledonis refused to delete the nude picture of Jesshaun that he had in his phone.

Unprovoked drunk knocks man unconscious; claims he needed to “defend” himself

28-year-old Logan Pierce was charged with public intoxication and aggravated assault resulting in serious bodily injury after he knocked a man unconscious because he thought the victim “moved at him aggressively.”