Donal Rodriguez-Avalos attacks girlfriend when she attempts to go out with a friend

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25-year-old Donal Alexander Rodriguez-Avalos attacked his lover when she was leaving to go out with her friend, according to police. Sarahi Valle, Donal’s wife, told police that when they arrived Wednesday at her residence on Anderson Rd., Donal beat her. She said that when she was leaving to go out with her friend Donal grabbed her, hit her in the face, tried to pull her upstairs, threw her on the couch, and strangled her with one hand. She said that she did not lose consciousness but struggled to breathe. Police asked if she believed he intended to kill her, and she said that she did not know. Paramedics were observing Sarahi before she was transported to Southern Hills Hospital. Police observed bruising on her face, a bloodied, swollen lip, scratches on her neck and back, and blood inside her ears that EMS found. She said the scratches on her back were from him attempting to pull her up the stairs.

Donal Alexander Rodriguez-Avalos (MNPD)
Donal Alexander Rodriguez-Avalos (MNPD)

Donal Alexander Rodriguez-Avalos of Anderson Rd in Antioch, TN, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on August 16th, charged with aggravated assault with strangulation and domestic assault with bodily injury. He is free on a $21,000 bond.

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