Ali Nid-Youssef charged in $20,000 vandalism of L.A. Jackson / Thompson Nashville Hotel

25-year-old Ali Nid-Youssef caused over $20,000 in damages and over 20 guest rooms to become unusable after he vandalized a toilet in the bathroom of the swanky L.A. Jackson rooftop bar at the Thompson Nashville in downtown Nashville, causing massive flooding as the water poured out of the restroom, into the hallway, and into guest rooms below. A witness who was also in the restroom at the time of the incident told him “You can’t just go around breaking stuff”, however, that did not deter him as he was damaging the urinal. Hotel staff identified Nid-Youssef as he was required to scan his ID to enter the rooftop bar area. He fled the area immediately after the incident and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Man charged with assaulting child’s mother with vape pen & fists — Naveah Young arrested

21-year-old Nevaeh Young is charged with the domestic assault of the mother of his child after she says he threw a vape pen at her, punched her, and knocked her to the ground during an argument. She called an ex-boyfriend, who then called the police to respond to the scene. Police documented the victim’s injuries and spoke with Young, who stated “I do have anger issues but we just had a verbal argument”.