Davis Madrigal found with Xanax after recklessly shooting at paper targets in direction of neighbor

19-year-old Davis Madrigal was one of four teens shooting firearms from a home on McCrory Lane in Nashville on May 24. They were shooting in the direction of a nearby home that faced Poplar Creek Road, where officers responded to a shots-fired call in progress at 7 p.m. The victims told police they were in their driveway when they heard gunshots and a whistling noise over their heads as the bullets flew past them, striking the branches directly above their heads. The victims took cover, and officers arrived and continued to hear gunshots from across the road. Officers tracked the gunfire to a home on McCrory Lane, where he told officers he was not aware there was a residence behind the paper targets. Madrigal had Xanax in his possession at the time of his arrest, and could not provide a prescription for the drugs.