DUI: Gary Henson was “hostile and belligerent” during arrest with handgun and drugs

19-year-old Gary Henson was involved in a single-vehicle rollover on the interstate late Friday night. First responders report smelling alcohol on Henson as they interacted with him and noted his slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. Henson was “belligerent and extremely uncooperative” with police. He admitted to smoking marijuana and drinking “one beer” just before the accident. Inside the vehicle, officers found a half-consumed bottle of Crown Royal and a baggie of marijuana. Field sobriety tests could not be completed due to his hostility. Henson was transported to booking and charged with the marijuana, possession of a firearm that was found in the vehicle, and driving under the influence.

Bryant Reynolds charged with DUI after Crown Royal Crash in Madison

23-year-old Bryant Reynolds wrecked his gray Nissan Altima into a large ditch Monday evening in Madison, and officers responded to the scene after a passerby called in the accident. As they approached, Reynolds exited his vehicle and stated he needed a tow truck, as he was driving and he just “ended up there,” but he wasn’t sure how it happened. Offices report Reynolds was obviously intoxicated and observed an open container of a Crown Royal mixed drink, along with additional cans in the vehicle. He admitted to having “several mixed drinks and two shots of Crown Royal” a few hours before driving. He was transported to booking and charged with DUI. He blew a 0.122% BAC on a breathalyzer.