Gabriel Tyson throws large rock through front door of Hart Lane Driver Services Center

22-year-old Gabriel Ryan Tyson threw a large rock through the front door of the Hart Lane Driver Services Center around 12:37 p.m. on June 12th. When officers arrived, Tyson had already left, but bystanders who witnessed the incident pointed out that he had just driven past. Officers located Tyson driving near Tennessee Water and Fire on West Kirkland Avenue, where they conducted a show-up with a Driver Services Center employee, who positively identified Tyson as the person in question. Officers reviewed footage of the incident. Officers were told that Tyson entered the building, was notified that he did not have the proper paperwork, and was explained what he needed to have. After this, Tyson became upset, snatched his papers off the table, and kicked the door open to leave the building. Tyson then returned with a large rock and threw it at the front door, which did not do enough damage, so he threw it again and shattered the front door panel. The repairs were valued at approximately $1,500 to replace. Tyson was then taken into custody for vandalism.

Tourist Ryan Whitney refuses to use a crosswalk in downtown Nashville, resists arrest

Metro Nashville Police stopped 40-year-old Ryan Whitney as he was attempting to cross Broadway in downtown Nashville where there was no crosswalk. Whitney walked a short distance away and then returned and began to drunkenly yell and scream at the police, demanding an explanation of why he could not cross there. Police told him to move along about his evening multiple times and gave him one final chance to walk away before advising him he was under arrest for public intoxication. He then resisted arrest and had to be placed against a wall by multiple officers to get him in both handcuffs.

Jason O’Brian deemed “too drunk for downtown Nashville”

Metro Nashville Police responded to Legends Corner at 428 Broadway for a disorderly person call on Saturday, where they found 43-year-old Jason O’Brian. They say he was so intoxicated he could not stand up straight, and when they told him this fact, he stated, “I am standing up straight!” — but he was not. When asked if he had someone who could care for him or come get him, he said “yes” but refused to provide any further information or point them out. Due to his extreme level of intoxication, he was transported to booking.

Jennifer Peer tosses phone at security guard who denies her entry to hockey game due to her drunkenness

27-year-old Jennifer Peer was denied entry to a hockey game at Bridgestone Arena on March 19th, due to her level of intoxication. When she was told she would not be attending, she became irate and threw her phone at the security officer. Due to her continued behavior, she was taken into custody for public intoxication and being able to care for herself.