DUI: Michelle Rind unaware she was in crash, cries hysterically to go home after two glasses of wine

After 29-year-old Michelle Rind was involved in a two-vehicle crash at Charlotte Ave & 46 Ave N at 8:30 p.m. on December 29th. Officers noticed Rind had dilated pupils, and when asked for her driver’s license and insurance, Rind stated she did not understand. Rind then asked officers if she was involved in an accident and admitted to drinking “two glasses of wine.” Officers said she then began to cry hysterically and then stopped crying to say she didn’t understand why she could not go home. Despite this, when officers told Rind that she may be too intoxicated to drive, she agreed with them. After being read her Miranda rights and Tennessee Implied Consent multiple times, Rind stated she did not understand and refused to perform field sobriety tasks and a breathalyzer test. Michelle Rind was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence.

Michael Robertson Jr. charged with felony mail theft in East Nashville

30-year-old Michael Robertson Jr. is charged with felony theft of mail and theft of property after police say in January, he watched an East Nashville man place a package in a package dropbox near S. 11th & Russell Street. Moments later, Robertson took the man’s package, which contained $5,100 of sports trading cards, and several others, out of the dropbox. Investigators found that Robertson had sold the now stolen cards the following day to Athlon Sports for $850. 10 of the 12 stolen cards were recovered by detectives in February. Warrants were issued for the arrest of Robertson, and he was booked into custody on May 3rd.