Michael Robertson Jr. charged with felony mail theft in East Nashville

30-year-old Michael Robertson Jr. is charged with felony theft of mail and theft of property after police say in January, he watched an East Nashville man place a package in a package dropbox near S. 11th & Russell Street. Moments later, Robertson took the man’s package, which contained $5,100 of sports trading cards, and several others, out of the dropbox. Investigators found that Robertson had sold the now stolen cards the following day to Athlon Sports for $850. 10 of the 12 stolen cards were recovered by detectives in February. Warrants were issued for the arrest of Robertson, and he was booked into custody on May 3rd.

Laricya Green smashes car window of woman she shares a baby’s daddy with.

19-year-old Laricya Green was jailed this week on an outstanding warranting charging her with vandalism. MDHA cameras captured her walking up to the vehicle of Anyika Hawkins and shattering the rear window. The victim and the defendant both have children with the same man and do not have a good relationship with each other.

East Nashville man’s “acquaintance” kicks in door, threatens family, refuses to leave — Michael Bland arrested

23-year-old Michael Bland (Mikey) was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Tuesday on outstanding warrants from August, charging him with felony aggravated burglary and assault. The incident occurred in East Nashville when he reportedly kicked in the read door of Brian Scott, who is described as an “acquaintance” and refused to leave, and made threats toward the victim and his family as Brain Scott physically removed him from the home.

Brian could only tell the police he knew him as “Mikey”, and police were later able to determine his identity through investigation. Mikey Bland is jailed in lieu of a $26,000 bond.

Woman booked on 3-year-old warrant for throwing pink lawn chair at mother’s Malibu— Brianna David

22-year-old Brianna David was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Wednesday on a warrant signed in May of 2018, charging her with vandalism. Court records allege she threw a pink lawn chair at her mother’s Chevy Malibu during an argument over a cracked phone screen. She was jailed for over 24 hours before eventually posting a $1,000 bond.