Fardus Muzamil charged with threatening boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend with a taser

21-year-old Fardus Muzamil was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant from November, charging her with assault. A warrant says Fardus was dating Keith King, who has a child with Shaterra Gibson from a prior relationship. On the morning of November 15th, Gibson was dropping the child off at Ida B. Wells Elementary School when she noticed an older model green Pontiac driving around the school and again at her residence when she arrived home to Lischey Ave. She then got into the vehicle of a friend, and the Pontiac continued to follow them. Eventually, the Pontiac, driven by Fardus, pulled beside them and pointed a taser at the victim in a threatening matter. She also reportedly texted the victim, stating she was going to “beat her”.

Dru Hughes, 18, arrested w/handgun. You got tazed, bro.

Dru Hughes, 18, was arrested and charged with drug possession, weapon possession, resisting arrest, and evading arrest on Monday when he was shooting his gun in a residential area and then fled from police – and he’d get tazed in the process. On 02/26 officers responded to the area of Brickmont Drive for a report of shots being fired in the area. Upon arrival, officers found an individual walking in the street, and conducted a terry stop, and patted him down for safety due to the nature of the call.…