“Charge my car, do you want me to hit you?” woman asks from fighting stance before launching golf ball

32-year-old Cassidy Trahant was charged with vandalism and domestic assault after her child’s father recorded an incident between them. He told officers she took a fighting stance, threw a golf ball and told him “do you want me to hit you then charge my car?”

FELONY ARREST: Nashville Uber/Lyft Driver Rams Girlfriend’s Car, Pulls Her Out, Assaults Her. Meet Eddy ‘William’ Crawford

Early Sunday morning, officers arrested Eddie William Crawford and charged him with Felony¬†Assault, Aggravated – Deadly Weapon – Int/Kn (39-13-102(a)(1)(A)*10). Crawford admits, from a police affidavit, that he was upset with his girlfriend for going out and wanted her to come/stay home. While she was in the passenger seat of her vehicle, on 7th St in East Nashville, he rammed his vehicle into hers, then exited his vehicle, and pulled his girlfriend out of her vehicle and began to assault her. Bystanders notified MNPD who arrested Crawford, and filed the…