Nashville Postmates Uncensored: How they really feel about you, your tips and the restaurants – & Community Manager Andre Moore

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Sometimes we just have to wonder what Nashville Postmates manager Andre Moore was thinking when he hired/approved some of these folks to be Postmates. As their community manager, even if he didn’t have a direct role in making the final decision – he has observed this behavior over and over and they remain in the good graces of Postmates. Imagine seeing or hearing your employees or contractors under you making disparaging comments about customers, the merchants, and constantly complaining about tipping, and making a habit of declining orders and getting them reassigned just so someone doesn’t want to deal with a particular customer (increasing wait times, customer service, etc…). Here is what Andre has observed in the (unofficial) Nashville Postmates Facebook group (The official one was dismantled a few months ago because of some corporate/employment issues so the Postmates made their own private group, then invited their PM Employed Community Manager, Andre, to be a part of it – bypassing the official removal of the company ran groups)

So, Postmates – these are the folks you have working for you in Nashville – their fully uncensored take on customers, customer service, tipping, and the merchants:

In case you were wondering, Postmates judge their customers – it’s only human, right? Also, here we meet Dylan Rowe (the king of rejecting orders and being lazy):

ridic pm order

Postmates don’t mind if you don’t tip – as long as you have to make an effort to find out how to not tip.  Maybe they should work on providing better customer service so that people would want to tip: 
Of the 3 of us in this office right now, we have all ordered Postmates at least once – and many of our experiences are the same, a simple hand-off of food, no thank you, no small talk just a confirmation of our names, and a ‘thanks’ as their back is turned and they’re headed toward the door. At least we use to get stickers – they can’t even brighten our days with those anymore. 

pm greed 2

Oh, dear Sam… we’re gonna bet the number one reason you didn’t receive a tip on half of your deliveries last week had nothing to do with the placement of the ‘No Tip’ button, but rather this amazing customer first attitude you have:

pm greedy much

Remember Dylan, above? He and other Postmates have renamed ‘Bricktops’ in Nashville to ‘Dicktops’ – and while we may agree with the sentiment, once again, you’re talking about a merchant in the system, and your community manager is seeing this all go down. If you were in an office setting with your manager, do you think this would be appropriate ?

pm dicktops

Rule #1: I must like what you order, or I will have it reassigned, which means someone else can deal with your order, if available:

pm reass

Remember yesterdays debacle with the Pharmcy (which we got resolved for Postmates customers)?  Here’s how some Postmates felt about it a couple of weeks ago – and by the way, if the Postmate gets you to cancel your order, or you do so for any reason, PM eats the cost, and the Postmate keeps the food. The more you know.

pm cancel 20 surcharge

Are you famous? Because we gurantee that if so, the Postmates have been bragging about you – pretty much the only requirement is you be famous enough to warrant a Wikipedia page. Hello Patrick Carney – did you enjoy your postmates order? We’ve removed other private customer details.

pm fame

Pretty much the job description for a Postmate is to receive an order from the customer, ensure it is placed by them or Job Support/CS, and to pay for it (Sometimes Job Support does this for them as a courtesy) and pick it up and deliver it – and to do this in under an hour, barring any merchant delays. However some people forget this is the job they signed up for – and constantly complain about their job.

Also, remember Dylan Rowe? Once again, he declines all orders from yet another merchant because it’s too much trouble for him to work:

fido decline lazy

To be fair, Dylan Rowe isn’t the only Postmate that loves to decline orders – he’s just the master of doing it. He’s in good company with Benjamin Rickle though, who declines downtown orders because he doesn’t want to deal with parking downtown – which is probably the EXACT reason the Postmates customer opened the app and tried to hire him to do what his job description calls for – for him to do all this on their behalf. Again – how does this continue day after day with your Community manager watching it happen, with no consequences?

broad decline

We have to wonder how a community manager sees this happen (albeit in an unofficial forum of all his contractors) and doesn’t question how they are handling themselves with customers – or why they aren’t making any tips? Again, Andre – would would love to give you an opportunity to respond:

These are just a handful of the Uncensored side of Postmates Nashville – So, are you ready to request a delivery? While we, like most of Nashville, were excited with the idea of Postmates, their delivery on the concept has fallen short – primarily from lack of proper management. What’s your experience with Postmates? Sound off in the comments:

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13 Thoughts to “Nashville Postmates Uncensored: How they really feel about you, your tips and the restaurants – & Community Manager Andre Moore”

  1. ConcernedCitizen3535

    Let me get this straight, anonymous internet author. You are complaining about a postmates manager not firing his employees for venting about the utter bullshit it is to be a postmate (like he even reads what they write), by publicly naming and shaming everyone involved? If they fired everyone who complained, there wouldn’t be anyone left. Maybe you ought to try delivering peoples’ food for $7 per hour.

  2. Actual Postmate Driver

    1) 1st Paragraph you complain about wait times, THEN 3rd paragraph(Where you talk about your own ordering experience) you complain the driver did not engage in a conversation. PICK ONE!! Either they go really fast to keep delivery times down, OR they engage for a few minutes talking with each person they deliver to. If I talk to each customer for 3 minutes per delivery, I currently average 2.5 deliveries/hour, it will kill my amount of deliveries per shift. In a 5 hour shift I can deliver 12-13 orders, however, if I have to talk to each person for 3 minutes my delivery time will decrease to roughly 2 deliveries/hour. This will result in me LOSING 2-3 orders per 5 hour shift. Also, because I am talking with each customer the next customer will have to wait a few extra minutes for their food, which likely will decrease my tips as you so astutely pointed out.
    2) Mr. ghost writer, have you ever worked a customer service job? Have you ever worked as a 1099 contractor? Postmate delivery drivers are 1099 contract laborers, which makes us independent contractors that get to choose when we work. If we sign on and don’t like the merchant, we can choose to decline because we know there are plenty of delivery drivers who will take the order. We even do this with a penalty, because when we decline orders we receive less jobs the rest of that day. So we make that decision carefully, BUT you wouldn’t know that since you refuse to do any research, you know, kind of like your job description requires? As a reporter you are supposed to 1) Research 2) Get both sides, if possible and 3) Not blast people’s private information with no consent, just to name a few. So how are you going to complain about postmates not doing their job properly when you clearly have no clue how postmates works, or even how your own job works. I suggest you go down to the local community college, if you can even get in, and take journalism 101. If you want some information about postmates from a current driver who has a current rating of 4.9 with over 500 deliveries then hit me up, I got some information for you.

    1. EN News

      We would actually love to have some feedback from a more experienced driver – we certainly have questions. Could we send you some questions via the email address you provided?

      1. Postmates Driver

        I have 1300 deliveries. Would you like to send questions my way. You are way off here.

  3. Nicole-current courier in LA

    As a current courier in Los Angeles, this definitely does not shed light on the actual struggle we couriers face during our day to day. People use that forum to complain about their job. Unfortunately, we don’t have coworkers to talk to because most of us don’t know each other so we use an unofficial forum to do this. We aren’t the first people to ever complain about their job or customers. Also, there is the possibility some people are not aware the manager is in the group. I have no idea if the LA manager is in ours.

    In reference to Bricktops, restaurants sometimes do treat us very poorly once they know we are Postmates. I make sure to be extra polite at restaurants but that doesn’t always prevent rudeness or them being tardy with the food.

    In regards to the chit chat, most people I deliver to don’t want to talk. You get enough people like that and you make minimum conversation. I always ask people “how’s it going” and say “thank you” and leave. No more unless prompted and no less because customers are often impatient to close the door. The worst one was a lady who (before I could talk) took the food, said thanks, and closed the door in my face. So maybe the couriers who delivered to you assumed you were like the rest and didn’t want to talk. Or maybe they were in a rush to the next delivery. Maybe they had a drink order spill in their car and they had to deliver your food before they could clean it up (true story). Just never assume you know what is going on with their day as a courier.

    Yes, we reject deliveries all the time. Often times I’ll get pinged for deliveries miles away from me. It’s just not worth it since I’m paying for my own gas and it’s wear and tear on my car. Another reason is because I want to know I can deliver to the customer in a timely manner. If it takes me 30 minutes to get to the restaurant then I can’t take the gamble that I’ll make it to the customer in time. Or if I know the restaurant sometimes takes 45 min-1 hour to make the food then I’ll reject. Or if I know there will be a long line then I reject. If I took every job that came my way then I wouldn’t make very much money because my time would be spent waiting at restaurants. We have a sushi place out here that I once waited over an hour at. After that I swore to never go back. I made $4.10 on the order and was late to the customer because of the wait time. Some restaurants just aren’t worth going to.

    Not everyone working Postmates is great at customer service, I get that. But this article makes us out to be terrible. We are just trying to make an honest living. When we don’t get tipped it’s often a slap in the face. We could get everything right and have a customer tell us it’s the best service they’ve ever gotten! And then… They don’t tip. Sure it’s not a requirement, but for the jobs that take almost an hour or over an hour and the payout is anything less than $10, it is incredibly disheartening. That is why we pick and choose our jobs and avoid some areas. I avoid Downtown LA because finding metered parking is terrible and parking in a garage would make the job not worth it (we don’t get reimbursed for parking). I sometimes have to walk multiple blocks to pick up or deliver food. It’s time consuming due to parking and most of the deliveries are short distances. Meaning I’m barely making anything since we make money based off the distance from the restaurant to the customer. This is probably going on with Nashville couriers as well. Downtown areas are always good to avoid if you want to make a decent day’s wage.

    We are independent contractors. We will choose the jobs that will make us the most money and also ones where we know we can make the customer happy. Standing in line at Fido takes a long time and the courier isn’t getting paid for it (I used to live in Nashville so I’ve been there). This is time ticking away from the hour we have. It’s stressful, especially knowing the customer is probably wondering what is taking so long (they can be pretty impatient).

    Honestly, I think you should sign up and be a Postmate for a month then write your article. There is so much more that goes into this than what you have experienced as a customer or read on the forum.

    1. EN News

      that’s actually an interesting idea – I wonder if the Nashville CM would allow me to do that or even shadow a few deliveries… something to think about.

  4. postmates worker

    I work for PM and the management IS bull shit but I agree they complain way too much. Also small talk or pleasantries wont kill your time. A simple smile and enjoy your food have a great day in high spirits will make the customer that much happier trust me. Being disgruntled is rubbed off on the customer. It IS possible to do this job and be happy and polite. Obviously this guy read everything from the Postmates side and as with every job there are bumps that you learn to get over. I like this article and even though it does openly call people out which is a little rude, everything you put on the internet is fair game so you have no expectation of privacy. I figured one day the complaining would bite people I the ass and it happened with the CS as well. Though they did have a few mistakes in that CS article.

  5. Dj

    Maybe that city needs a new cm. why does Nashville news continually stalk and bash Postmates instead of proactively trying to fix the prob which seems to be ten Nashville cm? I have been with Postmates over a year and can vouch for the great service we give in las vegas

  6. Bob Dylan

    Whoever wrote this is a complete moron…. “imagine if you were in an office in front of your manager.. would you say those things then?” Yes of course people would!! Nobody likes getting stepped on or taken advantage of! Most do this crazy thing called, STANDING up for yourself!
    We’re there immature statements made? Sure, but it is FB is it not??? …. and we’re those really the best examples you could find? If so…. your article is trash. Stop spreading misinformation!

    1. Bob Dylan

      Yes, I know there are spelling errors…

  7. Delivery Driver

    This was written by someone who has never been a delivery driver. Why would you write about things that you have NO idea about?
    Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and spend your own damn gas wandering around the city hoping your tips cover the cost of your mileage? I’d like to see you stay sane dealing with rude restaurants and mean customers who treat you like dirt all day and leave NO TIP. I believe if you don’t have money to tip then you don’t have money to order out. And if I want to decline because the person didn’t tip last time, I can and I will.

    If you really want to be a journalist you should stop attacking people personally. Very unprofessional.

  8. jerry

    Dylan Rowe is a cocaine addict, who is a total piece of shit. He is a compulsive liar. Do not work with this lazy piece of trash

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