Package Thief Jessy Douglas – Prior Theft Conviction at Macy’s of Cool Springs

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Jessica Douglas, who spent her 30th birthday in jail on Sunday, had a prior conviction locally at Cool Springs Mall in May of 2014. She committed a theft (under $500) from the Macy’s at Cool Springs Galleria, for which she signed a ‘conditional’ guilty plea in August of 2014. Conditions of her conditional guilty plea included 11mo 29day supervised probation, 24 hours of community service, random and regular drug screens, and an order to not trespass onto Macy’s or Cool Springs Galleria property. Douglas still owes $504.50 on that case, according to the Williamson County Clerk records.

Here is her signed plea on the case:

Douglas remains in the Davidson County Jail, and will appear in court on 10/26.

Attempted to Return Items, Apologized, Left Note

When video and still images of an East Nashville package theft were released on social media on 10/18, Jessica ‘Jessy’ Douglas immediately knew she was in trouble, as she was the one clearly visible on the video, pretending to use keys to open the door, as if she lived there, then stealing the package at the door, containing $150 of cosmetics. Knowing she was caught, Douglas returned to the victim’s home several times, attempting to make contact, and is on video knocking on the door. She was never able to make contact with the victim, and once again returned to the victim’s home – this time with a signed note, apologizing for the theft, and a bag containing cosmetics. She signed the note as ‘Jessy’ and left her phone number. Douglas is still being held in custody on a $1,000 bond pending a possible out of county warrant. Douglas has a previous theft charge in Williamson County in 2014.

Per the MNPD affidavit:

On 09-20-2017 at approximately 0809 hrs the defendant came onto the victim’s porch or stoop and removed a package left there for the victim by a parcel delivery service. The package and its contents were worth approximately $150. The package contained cosmetics. The victim has a security camera that filmed the defendant taking the package. Her face and entire body is visible on the video surveillance. The photo was shared with multiple parties via the MNPD Facebook page. Two different people responded to the plea to identify the perpertrator. The name Jessy Douglas was provided, as was the Facebook profile for Jessy Douglas. Researching the profile, Jessy Douglas led to the identity of the defendant, Jessica D. Douglas. Her photograph on state issued documents (Driver’s license) shows that Jessica D. Douglas and Jessy Douglas appear to tbe the same person. Upon the release of the photograph to social media and the news media, the defendant returned to the victim’s home several times. She attempted to make contact and is filmed knocking on the door. The victim never answered. On 10-18-2017 the defendant again returned to teh victim’s home and left a signed note apologizing, and left a bag containing cosmetics. She signed the note “Jessy” and left a phone number “615-403-xxxx”. Jessica Douglas signs her TN D.L. as “Jessy”

Obviously we all know this didn’t prevent her arrest 2 days later, here is our previous story with those details:

Jessica ‘Jessy’ Douglas, 29, was arrested just after 8AM this morning near McFerrin/West Eastland for a package theft caught on video a few days prior near the same location. Douglas had photos featured on her Facebook account wearing the same clothing as when she was captured on video committing the crime. The commissioner set her bond at $1,000 just before 10AM.
[UPDATE BELOW: 11AM She has a previous Theft Charge in Williamson, and an outstanding Warrant]

Here is the video of Jessy Douglas stealing the package. It’s a bad day to be her defense attorney.

[Update]: Douglas has a prior theft charge in Williamson County from 2014, the case was closed as part of a judicial diversion program.

Jessica Douglas also has an outstanding warrant, and she now has a hold on her bond status, updated per the DCSO:

Jessica Douglas (Courtesy: Metro-Nashville Police Department)

Douglas was evicted from her apartment in April of 2016. Jessica ‘Jessy’ Douglas was previously a Web Analyst at Lifeway Christian Resources, where she had been employed since October of 2012 until they separated employment in February of this year.

Douglas did not appear in court to answer to her eviction suit, so a default judgment was issued against her for possession, along with a monetary judgment of $2,215.75, of which only a tiny portion was paid via wage garnishments before leaving her job.

You can also hear Jessy Douglas singing, too, courtesy of the Acapella app on her phone that saves her songs online:

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