Woman charged with DUI (2nd) while driving ‘Fat Bottom Brewing’ branded company van

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34-year-old Melissa Wilson, of Mt. Juliet, was driving a ‘Fat Bottom Brewing’ branded company van when she crashed at the I-40 entrance ramp. She blew a .199 BAC on a breath test, and told officers she “had a beer during lunch.”

Metro Nashville Police responded to a vehicle crash with injuries Tuesday at 10:49 p.m., at the Stewarts Ferry Pike entrance ramp to I-40 West. Once on scene, officers located Melissa Wilson outside of a ‘Fat Bottom Brewing’ branded work van, that was now crashed into the woodline. She was the driver and sole occupant of the vehicle.

Melissa Wilson (MNPD)

Police report immediately observing a strong odor of alcohol coming from her person, along with blood-shot and watery eyes, and noted her slurred speech. She told police she “had a beer during lunch” but refused to elaborate further. Wilson initially agreed to complete field sobriety tests, but after the horizontal gaze nystagmus test was completed, of which she showed signs of impairment, she refused to complete any other tests, and was placed into physical custody for DUI 2nd Offense, as records showed she had a previous DUI conviction in 2010, according to an arrest warrant.  She agreed to a breath test at booking, which resulted in a 0.199 BAC result. Wilson is free on pre-trial release.

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