Grand Jury indicts Sade Harris for more knife & scissor attacks on her lover, Cheyenne Turner

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33-year-old Sade Deshay Harris has been indicted by a Davidson County Grand Jury on additional charges related to her continued and repeated assaults on the father of her child, Cheyenne Turner. Last year, a Grand Jury indicted her with aggravated assault and attempted murder after a June 2021incident in which she found him dining with a female at the J. Alexander’s, approached him, asking “so you’re out to eat with a girl?”, before grabbing silverware from a nearby table, chasing him into the parking lot, and stabbing him in the stomach and head with a knife, telling a stranger “I’m finna kill him!”.

The new indictment charges her with 3 new counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon: a November 2020 assault with a knife, a December 2020 assault with a knife, and an April 2021 assault with scissors, all against the same victim, Cheyenne Turner.

Sade Harris (MNPD)
Sade Harris (MNPD)

Sade DeShay Harris was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on the new indictments on a $50,000 bond. Her bond on the attempted murder charge was reduced to $150,000 previously.

NOTE: A technical flaw shows the old indictment as a full murder charge on the public DCSO portal, but internally it remains the same ‘attempted’ murder charge from the prior indictment.

Cheyenne Turner
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