Kai Hampton assaults 17-year-old pregnant girlfriend and her mother

23-year-old Kai Milton Hampton had a domestic altercation with his pregnant 17-year-old girlfriend, JC, near the Olive Garden on Opry Mills Drive late February 27th. Dispatch advised them that they were in a silver Kia Optima, which officers observed leaving the scene towards Briley Parkway South before following it and conducting an investigative stop. As they approached the Optima, they noticed Hampton and JC matched the description of the two involved in the incident. JC told officers that she and Hampton argued while walking to their car after dinner, during which she lay on the sidewalk, refusing to get up. Then, she said he forcefully picked her up, attempting to take her to the car, so she pulled his hair to make him release her, stating she did not want to be handled that way. Hampton then grabbed her neck from behind with two hands and started squeezing. JC said that this made breathing slightly difficult for her and made her dizzy.

Then, she explained how he had her pressed up against the Kia until her mother, Breanne Gautier, confronted him, causing him to release her. She said she watched him approach her mom and grab her arms, threatening to hit her if she continued to intervene. JC said that things deescalated after she and Hampton got into the car. Gautier spoke to the officers, advising them she had seen him with his hand around her neck, attacking her, so she rushed over there to protect JC. She said it was at this time that he grabbed her by her arms, threatening her and that she was afraid but was not going to back down. Then, after he released her, she got into her car, and they got into JC’s Kia. They went to leave as the officers arrived. Detectives noticed visible injuries that JC sustained during the incident and deemed Hampton as the primary aggressor. He was taken into custody for two counts of domestic assault on February 28th.

Edward Morena exposes intimate video to ex-girlfriend’s parents

27-year-old Edward Morena was taken into custody for unlawful exposure, violating an order of protection, and domestic assault on February 27th. On October 23rd, Genesis Jose Mendez Castellanos, Morena’s ex-girlfriend, told officers that she obtained an order of protection against him, which was served to him on September 25th, due to prior attacks that happened in Panama City, and then advised she came to Tennessee to get away from him. Castellanos told them that on October 1st, Morena sent an intimate video of them to her family and Jose Gonzalez before blocking him. She provided screenshots of her mother receiving the video and told officers that it was supposed to remain private. Then, she explained that on October 3rd, Morena threatened her via audio messages, saying he would shoot himself after shooting her and everyone else. Castellanos then told them that on October 7th, he messaged her through WhatsApp, which she uses to speak with their 7-year-old. She said it had to have been Morena because her child cannot spell in Spanish.

George Garas rips wife’s shoes after argument tells police she “did not deserve to wear them”

43-year-old George Garas had a domestic incident with his wife, Nadia Farag, at their Hamilton Church Road apartment on the morning of February 27th. Farag spoke with officers when they arrived, advising them that Garas threw most of their food away and tore a pair of her shoes apart following an argument. Officers noticed food and a pair of damaged pink Crocs scattered on their floor. As they left, Garas returned to the scene and admitted to ripping Farag’s shoes, stating that she “Did not deserve to wear them.” Garas was taken into custody for vandalism.