Sherman Dunlap charged in assault and strangulation of his girlfriend

18-year-old Sherman Dunlap was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant from January when he allegedly beat up his girlfriend Ke’Lexia Thomas at her apartment on Dellway Villa Road. The two had broken up two days prior. Dunlap was let in by Ke’Lexia’s young son when he showed up at her apartment door. Ke’Lexia was away visiting someone else and returned when she found out Dunlap was in her apartment. They started arguing about her speaking to other men and about a stolen gun from a prior incident.

Dunlap started to strangle Ke’Lexia with two hands around her throat and squeezed repeatedly. He pulled her to the ground by her hair and bit her on her left shoulder. Ke’Lexia told police that she did pull his hair back and bit his hands so he would let go of her hair. The strangling and hair-pulling continued during the entirety of the fight. Although Ke’Lexia didn’t lose consciousness, it was difficult for her to breathe. Part of the incident was captured on video, but it only showed them both pulling each other’s hair.

Dunlap eventually let go, took his game system, and left. He was finally located on April 5th after police responded to a call for shots fired on Old Hickory Boulevard. Upon arrival, police saw several shell casings, a magazine, damaged vehicles, and surveillance video of the incident. The shooting involved a red Chevy Traverse with three black male occupants. The other vehicle They were wearing the same clothing from the surveillance video. Two of the suspects are minors, with one being the driver and shooter in this incident. The vehicle search yielded a handgun, two loaded magazines, and marijuana.

Jocelyn Barney charged with DUI in downtown Nashville

23-year-old Joycelyn Barney told officers she “swerved to avoid an animal in the road” when she crashed her silver Hyundai Elantra in downtown Nashville at 3:30 a.m. Sunday. Officers observed both she and a passenger sustained injuries, and while there were no animals in the area of downtown Nashville, there was a large concrete barricade that she struck. She stated they were coming from Ainsworth, and admitted to consuming “a few” mixed drinks containing tequila prior to driving. Due to her extreme level of intoxication, she was charged with DUI.

Autumn Adkisson deemed too drunk for downtown Nashville #PublicIntoxication

28-year-old Autumn Adkisson was kicked out of 306 Broadway after causing a disturbance with patrons and staff. Officers were called to her location and found her to be heavily intoxicated and having trouble standing on her own. She only admitted to drinking “a shot” of alcohol. Due to her level of intoxication, she was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Alabama woman kicks and strikes girlfriend at downtown hotel after night of drinking

26-year-old Samantha Overdear was charged with domestic assault on her girlfriend after a night drinking in downtown Nashville that caused marks on her arms, injuries to her legs and left eye, as well as a red circle on her back, per report.