Man in bathrobe assaults ex-girlfriend on toilet, smashes iPhone, jealous over new lover — Tyler Fogarty

32-year-old Tyler Fogarty is charged with domestic assault and vandalism after a series of visits to his ex-girlfriend’s home this week using a spare key he retained. The victim reports on the first night she sustained bruises to her arms and chest after he pulled her from a bathroom toilet, dragging her across the floor in an attempt to take her iPhone due to being jealous over her dating another man. The following night, he reappeared at 3 a.m. wearing a bathrobe and again confronted her about the same issue. During this visit, he was able to take the phone and the victim was able to use her Apple Watch to call 911 as he destroyed her iPhone after looking through it. Tyler Fogarty is free on a $4,500 bond.

Homeless Shooter Girl Starred in Failed CMT Reality Show: Southern Fried Bride (Katie Layne Quackenbush)

You heard it right – our favorite asshole outlaw, Katie Layne Quackenbush (story, pics, escort, update) starred in what appears to have been an un-aired pilot promo for CMT called ‘Southern Fried Bride’. Though it appears from the footage we were sent that production was completed, it never made it air for CMT, and with this current situation, we’re certain it never will. During one of the challenges, she says with a crazy grin: “If I would have killed her, it would have looked like it was an accident” -Katie…